Holiday Dozen

Momma and Them Bakeshop

Momma has created some new flavors that are perfect for the holidays. She's so excited about them that she decided to make a special assortment for your enjoyment. 

She has created several new flavors, Snickerdoodle, Mint Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Oatmeal orange cranberry with white chocolate and a Red sugar cookie. 

Her Snickerdoodle is full of flavor. It's like cinnamon toast you had as a child. The peppermint wafer surprise in the brownie cookie pairs perfectly with the fudge flavor. The oatmeal cranberry cookie could be her new favorite. The slight orange note added to the cranberry and sweetness of the white chocolate chips is perfect. The classic sugar cookie is now coated with turbinado sugar that she colors herself. 

In addition to the four listed above, she is adding a chocolate chip with sea salt and her over the top peanut butter cookie with peanuts. 

This is also available in a half dozen size.